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DRI Capital takes pride in its ability to complete royalty monetization transactions quickly, efficiently and on mutually beneficial terms. The following are four key aspects of DRI Capital's approach that have helped DRI Capital become a global leader in healthcare royalty investing over the last two decades:

Relationship Oriented Nature – DRI Capital commits to working upfront with individuals, academic institutions and companies to understand the specific goals they are trying to achieve in monetizing their royalty asset, and to help them understand the royalty monetization process and value their royalty asset. By taking the time to build a relationship with each royalty recipient, DRI Capital is able to complete transactions tailored to each royalty recipient's unique circumstances.

Breadth of Knowledge – DRI Capital is unique in the industry in having investment professionals with a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds in science as well as finance. This allows DRI Capital to quickly understand each royalty recipient's unique royalty entitlement upfront and help educate them on its prospects and value.

Certainty of Deal Execution – DRI Capital believes that no other firm has completed more royalty based transactions, nor invested in a greater number of healthcare royalties than DRI Capital. Working with DRI Capital provides royalty recipients with certainty of execution for their royalty monetization.

Access to Capital – DRI Capital's track record of success allows it a unique advantage among many of its peers: significant access to capital and a competitive cost of capital. Through its available capital sources, DRI Capital believes it has the ability to acquire royalty entitlements of any size through its managed funds. DRI Capital further differentiates itself through a cost of capital that it believes is as low as or lower than any firm in the industry.